Pointscore Rules

Pointscore Rules 2018

Revised to remove ambiguity, increase focus on driving standards and bring back points for interstate competition.
Please Note: From 2018, members must be financial to score points in the championship. No more allowances for late payment will be made.

1. The HTCAV Championship is over 4 Historic rounds, 2 State Rounds and Island Magic.

2. Your 5 best rounds count.

3. You get 5 participation points (min: taking part in qualifying or one race) for Historic meetings and 3 for others.

4. Cars taking part in qualifying, or not qualifying but starting in a subsequent race, are counted as starters in every race.

5. Fastest lap in class in a completed race earns 1 extra point per race meeting round when more than 1 car racing.

6. Your 3 best results are counted at a round.

7. A competitor penalized by the Stewards for a driving standards infringement will not score points for the relevant race. Multiple infringements or further penalties from the Stewards will disqualify the competitor from scoring any points for that meeting.

8 An equal 8 points are awarded to all finishers in handicap races.

9. In Division 1/Division 2 racing or if a car runs in a different capacity class, results are assessed on lap times. If rain or other factors alter conditions in different races, an equivalence assessment is applied.

10. Points scored in different classes not combined in your total count.

11. Minimum 2 cars in class or competition at 2 rounds to score points.

12. Interstate points are allowed for one meeting only. 3 points will be accrued for participation; race points will be scored only against other club members competing at that meeting in your class. Interstate results must be notified to the point score officer to be included.

13. In the event of a tie for Club Champion a countback of superior placings will determine the winner

Points Allocation – Per Race

No. of            
Starters Finishing Position        
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
6+ 14pts 12pts 10pts 8pys 6pts 4pts
5 13pts 11pts 9pts 7pts 5pts  
4 12pts 10pts 8pts 6pts    
3 11pts 9pts 7pts      
2 10pts 8pts        
1 9pts          


NB Over 4500 NC Over 5100
NB 3000 – 4500 NC 3501 – 5100
NB 2601 – 3000 NC 3001 – 3500
NB 2001 – 2600 NC 2001 – 3000
NB 1601 – 2000 NC 1501 – 2000
NB 1301 – 1600 NC 1101 – 1500
NB 1001 – 1300 NC Up to 1100
NB Up to 1000