Race Numbers

Competition Numbers.

No-one owns a number, but we understand how nice it is to have a regular one on your car.

Ultimately the Chief Steward or Race Sectary of the meeting issue the numbers for each event. However the Club tries to allocate numbers to our members to save members money and angst. Most events do not allow triple digit numbers, so that leaves 190+ competition members vying for 99 numbers. We often supply a list of the HTCAV member numbers to promoters of Victorian meetings. In most cases they will give preference to the HTCAV member for those allocated numbers on the list over other entrants. The same rules apply interstate which is why you often end up with a different number when your race interstate.

As stated above we have more competitors than we do numbers. While not all competitive members require numbers, we have used all 99 and we still need to keep allocating more. To have a number allocated & retained you must Be a continous financial member and Use the number at least once every 2 years. These rules still do not guarantee you exclusive usage of a number! They have been devised as way for the committee to make a fair judgement of when we can consider reallocating unused or infrequently used numbers. Other factors that may be considered re the 2 year usage rule are special circumstances that may prevent a member from competing at their intended meetings (e.g. unexpected engine blow ups!)

Our solution to the above conundrum is “a” numbers. What we have begun to do is allocate new members a number that is already in use by another member. So if we have a new member join with a Mustang we would look to use the same number as used on a small car like a Mini or maybe Cortina. e.g. A newly joined has been given #52a (for his GT Falcon) while another retains #52 (for his BDA Escort). At most larger meetings these cars would not  be in the same race, however if they did then orignal holder would use #52 and the new member would have a different number allocated by the event organiser (hopefully 5 or 2 so major change is necessary)! Importantly nobody runs with the “a” on their car.

If you want to ask about a number for your car, please email the the Competition Secretary here!

Update December 2015

1 Club Champion  
2 John Alessi NC
3 Mark Johnson NC
4 Tony Pejkovic NB
5 Len Read NB
6 Adrian Read NB
7 Ted Perkins NB
8 Perry Spiridis  NC
9 Darren Smith NC
10 Andrew Cannon NB
11 Paul Dobson NC
12 Kevin Stoopman NC
13 Stuart Barnes NC
14 Stephen Pillekers NC
15 Rod Barrett NB
16 Glen Miles NC
17 Alan McAlvie NC
18 Marty Lambert NB
19 Ian Cuss NB
20 Rob Burns NC
21 Brendan Hare NC
22 Bill Trengrove NB
23 Rob van Stokrom NC
24 Tony Hubbard NC
25 Justin Brown NC
26 Vince Parisi NC
27 Eddie Dobbs NB
28 Phillip Pearmain NB
29 Andrew Girvan NC
30 Neil Crowe NC
31 Ben Read NC
32 Peter van Summeren NC
33 Andrew Whiteside NC
34 Richard Fairlam NB
35 Mark Brewster NC
36 James Holloway NC
37 Craig Miles NC
38 Bill Mentiplay NB
39 Michael Holloway NC
40 Steven Coad NC
41 Glenn Everitt NC
42 Ted Brewster NB
43 Tim Fettell NC
44 John Eeles NB
45 Nathan Gordon NC
46 Leo Tobin NC
47 Scott Slater NC
48 Rod Hotchkin NC
49 Daniel van Stokrom NC
50 David Moran NB
51 Ben Dahlstrom NB
52 Colin Larson NC
53 Ian Cromarty NC
54 Darrin Davies NC
55 Quentin Ferry NB
56 Doug Juniper NB
57 Simon Browning NB
58 Colin Doolan NB
59 Andrew Williams NC
60 Brian Deveson NB
61 Michael Stupka NB
62 David Schofield  
63 Johnny Luxmoore NB
64 Brent Trengrove NB
65 Fraser Ross NC
66 Nick Cascone NB
67 Ian Watt NC
68 Steve Watt NB
69 Michael Miceli NC
70 Mat Jager NC
71 Michael Hibbert NC
72 Andy Clempson NC
73 David Brown NC
74 Michael Bugelly NB
75 Rob Southouse NB
76 Rod Wood NB
77 Gordon Cox NC
78 Lawrie Nelson NC
79 Eric Spokes NA
80 Gary Edwards NC
81 Angelo Taranto NC
82 Barry Lyons NB
83 Peter Owen NC
84 Andrew Lane NC
85 Tino Leo NC
86 Chris Stern NB
87 James Frolley NC
88 Andrew Tickner NC
89 John Harrison NC
90 John Bourke NB/NC
91 Cameron Sabine NC
92 Steve Jones NC
93 David Landry NB
94 Gabriel Digenis NC
95 Chris Ralph NC
96 John Clarke NB
97 Jim Collins NC
98 Helen Lindner NB
99 Les Walmsley NC