2004 Historic Sandown

Tattersall's Historic Sandown

6th – 7th November 2004

Report by Darren Knight. Pics James Smith?

The fifty strong field would this year be split into races for Nb and Nc, the forecast for rain turning out to be on the money come Saturday. Jervis Ward (Mustang) snared pole for the the Nb brigade, from Bill Trengrove (`Stang) and Sydney Mini man Greg Malure, with the Jaguar of Paul Zazryn next, the top four covered by a little over half a second. The Chargers of Rob Burns and Robert Braune filled the Nc front row with the Mustangs of Drew Marget, new State Champ Chris Ralph and Michael Miceli next.

Nb Race One (six laps)
Malure would not start after discovering a hole in the radiator, being joined on the sidelines by Tasmanian Darren Pearce (Cortina) who suffered a broken rocker in qualifying. Having qualified seventh, the quickest of the Cortinas, Leigh Knight entered the circuit in father Dons car when suddenly the sector shaft failed, immediately robbing its driver of any steering control, the little Ford smashing hard into the pit straight wall. Leigh was taken to Hospital for tests (later confirming severe abdominal bruising) while the very bent Cortina was removed, its future uncertain.

Ward would eventually lead the pack away with Trengrove in hot pursuit, followed by Zazryn and the Jill Hergt owned Chev Nova driven by Rod Evans. The ex Walmsley / Leo 327 cubic inch powered beast was soon into third place as the Minis of Ted Brewster and Anthony Ramage clashed on lap one, the latter soon retiring with a damaged exhaust. Meanwhile Brewster became engaged in a close tussle with the Cortinas of Colin Doolan and last seasons Club Champ Andrew Tickner. Mick Stupka (Imp) gave John Bendall (Lotus Cortina) some curry as the Minis of Steve Ginis and Rodney Creed battled fiercely. George Ginis (Mini) retired with flywheel damage as Ward took the win relatively comfortably, Trengrove bagging second from V8 rookie Evans. Zazryn continued his Sandown 500 form, collecting fourth from Mini stalwart Henry Draper, who just beat home Richard Fairlam (EH).

Nc Race One (six laps)
Braune jumped pole man Burns to lead early with Marget, Miceli and Ralph next. Not far behind the HQ Kingswoods of Phil Dunkin and Tony Hunter diced hard, as did Graham Slater (Torana) and the long awaited new Datsun 1600 of Competition Secretary Russell Pilven, the car immaculately turned out in metallic blue and going like a train. Marget soon grabbed second before Burns retired with a timing chain problem, Marget then blasting past Braune and into the lead. Michael Bugelly (`68 Mustang) moved past Dunkin as Dylan Innes (ex Lemmens Torana) mixed it up with the RX – 2 of Hobarts Lew Bush and his old Torana now owned and driven by former Healy racer Brian Dermott.   Hunter slowed towards the end while Marget greeted the chequer first ahead of Braune and Miceli, who was struggling with an incorrect diff ratio. Ralph, Bugelly and Dunkin were next then Innes, Dermott and Bush.
Fastest lap: Marget (1:22.6262.)

Nb Race Two (six laps)
Malure returned, as did Pearce after some assistance from local club members. Ward again led early despite a good start from Trengrove while Rohan Stones Mini suffered electrical gremlins and Doolan retired with a clutch issue. Malure was soon slicing through from the rear of grid while fellow New South Welshman Jerry Lenstra parked the ex Stupka Imp with a broken shifter. Ian Robertson parked the Cortina, having met the requirements to retain a racing licence while W.A.s Jeff Morris retired the EH with a loose oil filter, a problem that would annoy all meeting. Evans was looking at another solid performance until a ball joint failed, slowing his last couple of laps as Tickner and Pearce diced enthusiastically. Ward went on to win from Trengrove again with Malure an amazing third in front of Fairlam and Zazryn. Draper, Evans and Brewster were next, then Pearce who had got through on Tickner for ninth on the last lap.
Fastest lap: Ward (1:34.7271)

Nc Race Two (six laps)
Paul Stubber (Camaro) and John Brash (HK Monaro) would line up from the rear after missings Saturdays action, the weather having closed in overnight, making for a damp circuit. Braune grabbed the hole shot, Marget fighting back though and assuming the lead on the back straight. Slater hit a large puddle at Dandenong Road, slithering off into the sand and making contact with the armco. Stubber had moved up to be fifth near the end of lap one as Hunter and Dunkin diced closely, as the did the quartet of Bush, Pilven, Innes and Dermott. Miceli relieved Braune of second at turn 11 before himself falling to the awesome power of the Stubber Chev. The immaculate Escort 1300 GT of Dean Bryant meanwhile had retired with a holed piston and snapped camshaft.

Marget pedalled hard in the 302 `Stang but soon fell to Stubber as Hunter went through on Ralph for fourth. Robert Hare (V6 Capri), Eddie Dobbs (Torana) and Brash ran in close company as Stubber greeted the chequer in front of Miceli who had gone past Marget, the `68 Trans Am smoking slightly from a gearbox oil leak. Braune took fourth from Hunter, then Ralph, Dunkin, Bugelly, Pilven and Dermott.
Fastest lap: Stubber (1:25.6363).

Nb Race Three (eight laps)
The heavens had well and truly opened up by now, Ward was very slow off the line while Fairlam rocketed away. V8 power prevailed though as Trengrove led up the back straight from Ward, Fairlam, Draper and Zazryn. Stones frustrating meeting continued, the Mini retiring early as Morris looped the EH at the top of the main straight before rejoining. Malure began to hassle Draper while Trengrove stretched out a handy break on Ward. The dice of the meeting unfolded between Zazryn and Fairlam, the pair turning on some thrilling racing, swapping places and generally never more than a fag paper apart. Tickner plonked into sand at Dandy Road as fellow Cortina punters Pearce and South Aussie Stuart Barnes mixed it up entertainingly. Trengrove seemed at ease on the sodden track, never looking like losing the lead and going on the take the victory from Ward (who jokingly called for a drug test on the winner!). An exciting run to the flag saw Fairlam just over haul Zazryn on the line to tale third as the big Cat crossed up entering the main straight. Malure prevailed over Draper with Barnes beating home Brewster, Pearce and Creed.
Fastest lap: Trengrove (1:38.5787).

Nc Race Three (eight laps)
Stubber would not reappear, an oil pressure issue a potential problem while sheared flywheel bolts precluded Innes from starting. Miceli would lead Marget up the back straight for the first time, Braune, Ralph, Dunkin and bringer of rain Buges next. Pilven meanwhile was lapping up the wet track, getting through on Bugelly while Dobbs was also showing great speed, the XU -1 having by far its strongest run in its third meeting. Dunkin (the sole remaining HQ after Hunter did not start) looked very strong, going past Ralph and then moving onto the podium by relieving Braune of third.

The Triumph of Ian Watt diced with the BMW of Mark Shatz, the pair also joned by brash and Dermott as Miceli showed the wet weather form that took him to two race wins at the very wet Sandown 500 nmeeting, taking the win comfortably from Marget with a gap back to Dunkin in third. Braune, Ralph and a very happy Dobbs were next, then Pilven, Bugelly, Bush and Dermott rounding out the top ten.
Fastest lap: Miceli (1:37.7703).