2010 Rally Championship Winners

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So now to the Champions for 2010…

This year, all our winning crews are family groups – in third are father and son team of Scott and Wayne Kent in their.  In second, in the new red Boss Mustang are husband and wife Len and Gayle Cattlin.  And the winner for 2010 is once again husband and wife Pete and Sari Ullrich in the Limited Modified 1963 Jensen CV8.

Just as in 2009, our 2010 rally Champions and new Club members are Pete and Sari Ullrich seen here on the Targa High Country podium where they won the Early Classic Handicap. Their self-prepared 1963 Jensen CV8 runs Limited Modified Specification, meaning only four speeds – but 700Nm of Chrysler torque fixes that problem. Retired from building maxi yachts – like Brindabella – the Ullrichs had a great Targa Tasmania, battling closely with the Woodward Monaro GTS all week and breaking clear of the other Championship contenders with a strong result in Targa High Country.
 Second was another of the famous Classic Couples – Len and Gayle Cattlin in Red – a brilliant Modified Spec Boss Mustang.  Len’s concept was given exquisite life by ex-Williams F1 mechanic Peter Turk, but its only test before Targa Tasmania was a lap of the Catlin’s Park Orchards home before heading to Station Pier. Despite the rain and fog, the car got faster every day as Len and Gayle learned what it needed and ended up 12th overall in classic. The flowing mountain roads of Targa High Country suited Red Boss perfectly and they were the  second HTCAV car home behind the winning Perana of Andy Miedecke.

The older Mustang of Scott and son Wayne Kent from Tasmania came third, beating brother Drew this year, who came fifth.  The Kents started the year with Targa Wrest Point and despite the brand new V8 blowing a smoke screen, the white and blue Ford came home 8th. They followed that with a strong Targa Tasmania, only just beaten by Len and Gayle into being 6th HTCAV car home.  That was the end of the Kents’ year but it was good enough to hang on to P3.

The drive of the year was by Paul Batten in the family PV544 Volvo in claiming second outright in Targa Classic. In a memorable performance, this old touring car was faster than all but Rex Broadbent’s Porsche Carrera RSR on the wet, windy and slippery roads of Tasmania. Only a last minute decision to accept a works drive in an FPR Ford Falcon for Targa High Country kept the Battens from challenging for the 2010 HTCAV Championship, having led it for most of the year. Paul’s commitment can be judged by the opposite lock on the Volvo crossing a very narrow wooden bridge on the Merseylea stage.

New members Peter and Roslyn Killick from Hobart have campaigned their beautifully prepared and very reliable 1965 Ford Cortina in the shorter events with considerable success. In Targa Wrest Point they were the best of the Cortinas and second in Category 3. They followed that up in Targa High Country – one of the few Tasmanian crews to make the trip – with third in Category 3 a mere two seconds ahead of the Arundel Cortina. In the HTCAV Championship they came home 23rd overall and 6th in Category 3. We wish this very professional team good luck for 2011.

If there was an award for entertainment then the HTCAV’s own Andy Clempson and Jervis Ward in Andy’s Mr Green fastback Mustang would have won it. This fire breathing Ford with screaming V8 caused a stir when it tyre smoked its way through Targa Wrest Point. When the times came in, the regular rally crowd were a bit shocked – they were amazing. Only a loose bolt in the shifter kept the racers off the podium in their first event; it happened again in Targa High Country – great noise, great times but too much fuel pressure. Once the car gets a rally makeover, this team will be special stage winners.