Musings upon the Mount

Report by Chris Ralph. Pics by Phil Wisewould www.philwisewould.zenfolio.com

Ten HTCAV members went, two made the podium in every race, three made every top ten, only two DNFs and huge fun for all.

This year’s Easter pilgrimage to the other ‘Holy Mount’ saw our newest HTCAV member, Ulladulla’s rapid Dean Neville in the black Camaro, chasing the amazing Brad Tilley in the Nc 289 Mustang all weekend for a string of 2nd places. Behind him, Andrew Whiteside in the 68 Mustang, built and fettled by Brad, sealed the deal with a great run of thirds.

Father and son Bill and Brent Trengrove went, as they often do, with Brent giving his brand new Camaro its baptism at the biggest font of all. Brent eased into qualy and R1 well but a DNF in R2 ended his weekend.

Father William however had a highly consistent run as the fastest Nb car there, qualifying in 10th and working his way up to 6th by R3 in the faithful Mustang. Track knowledge is the best go-fast gear at Bathurst and Bill has plenty of that by now.

WA member Tony Gilfuis chose his red Capri for battle and was the next best placed HTCAV member, 10th in qualy and around 12th in each of the races. Half a dozen places back, the dashing HTCAV Gold Sponsor Captain Andrew ‘Ace’ Cannon AM, a huge grin under his pith helmet, improved through the weekend, mostly engaged in battle with the fearless Scott Fleming is the screaming Lotus Cortina. Victory was his in R3, pipping Fleming by a mere three tenths. John Alessi in the Monaro joined in this game until a nasty noise and an oily smell put paid to the fun in R3.

Ted Perkins and NSW’s John Harwood in Lotus Cortinas and regular visitor John Clarke in the Mustang had jolly combat through the meeting, separated by mere seconds.

The entry price is high, but the fun quotient is through the roof. Who knows, maybe a multi-car BMW panzer attack could come from the south next year…