Rookie Champ!

Another new record for Historic Touring Cars

Last year, the Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria had its first interstate champ. This year it had its first rookie – Harrison Draper – P-Plater and youngest ever – but driving a three-time Championship-winning car…

Wise heads have always muttered in motor sport – “a good big ’un always will beat a good little ’un” (cars), and “a good young ’un will always beat a good old ’un” (drivers). The latter was the case in this year’s Champs when 23-year old Harrison Draper (no relation to fabled Mini quick Henry Draper) took out the big win.

It was a ‘come from behind’ win: after Historic Sandown last year’s Champ, Darryl Hansen (Mustang) and fellow Under 2-Litre competitor Rob van Stokrom were tied for a potential split win – young Harry was almost 30 points in arrears. But Hansen’s Sandown accident ruled out his final fling at Island Magic, van Stokrom’s total was amassed over six race meetings (only the best five count) – he would have to drive above and beyond at Island Magic to beat his swift young contender.

That he did, ripping around three seconds off his PB, but it wasn’t enough to down young Harry in the car Russell Pilven had taken to three previous Club championships. However, a big consolation prize – with a total of 219 Rob would join ‘The 200 Club’ and win the Presidents Cup for most points scored.