State Race Series Round 2, Sandown

We were few, but we were mighty

May 18-19 2013

Report by Chris Ralph. Pics courtesy Phil Wisewould.

A paltry ten cars turned up to qualify on the Saturday morning: many thanks to the MG Car Club organizer and mates who had worked very hard to give us our own race with such a low turnout. It was a terrible weekend for them, below is David Vernall’s account from the other side of the fence on how it was for them…

Western Australian invader Darryl Hansen topped the times in the 351 fastback Mustang in a greasy qualifying and it was Angelo Taranto in the Torana who headed the locals ahead of Keven Stoopman in the HQ, battling Torana duo Andrew Girvan and Stephen Pillekers, Leo Tobin in the Mustang and John Smallman’s Escort. Brian Potts from NSW was next in the HG Monaro with the grid rounded out by the fighting Cortina and Imp of John Luxmoore and Mick Stupka, with the latter taking it right up to the larger car, besting him in qualifying and the last race and matching his time in the others.

Keven Stoopman responded to a desperate call and his late entry allowed us our own races, however he was on last year’s 50 series tyres and thus ran as an invited car, something that caused a bit of a flutter north of the border until that last fact was explained to them.  He recorded no points for the meeting.

In the first race, it was Leo Tobin who got up to challenge Hansen, recording a faster lap and finishing just two tenths behind on race time. A further 20 seconds back was Stoopman, then Potts and Pillekers besting Girvan ahead of Smallman, Luxmoore and Stupka.

In the second, Hansen spun his way out and handed the win to Tobin with Potts and Taranto who had DNFd the first, following close behind with Ang cracking fastest lap in smeary conditions. Hansen was next then Pillekers all alone with Girvan retiring, Smallman, Luxmoore, and Stupka. Stoopman was the other retirement

In the drier final race Hansen returned for a clear lead ahead of Tobin, with Potts in third. Girvan came back to take Pillekers ahead of Smallman, and Mick Stupka ahead of Luxmoore after FJ thought he was doing his day job as a gardener. Ang Taranto and Stoopman retired.

Here’s the interesting email that David Vernall sent to his officials after the event… If anyone thinks it’s easy putting on race meetings this may change their mind. Every competitor should thank the officials who continually work so hard to allow us our fun.