Take a trip to Freestone’s Roadhaven!

When you're nipping down the Great Ocean Road make sure you stop at Airey's Inlet and go to Freestone's Roadhaven.

Done with the obsessive attention to detail and quality that fellow members Paul and Christine are famous for, its modelled on the famous diners known throughout America and made globally famous during the rock and roll era of the 60's. Freestone’s Roadhaven has been painstakingly researched to reflect the best of Americana nostalgia, with a custom-made fit-out made in the USA by the same families that have made the iconic booths and bars that children and children-at-heart have enjoyed sliding into for decades. (They even had the Amish make their diner chairs…) Say you're Club members and they'll make a fuss over you, it's good fun.

With memorabilia, his race and special cars on display (and the red big block Galaxie is for sale very reasonably in the mid 20s) it's a great place to eat, talk and marvel. Prior to 4pm there's a soda pop/milk shake burger cafe open, then after that you can go upstairs to the diner looking out over the river and rolling paddocks – the chef has even won a Michelin hat, unheard of in a diner… 

Call for memorabilia! If you have any racing or rock and roll memorabilia or old photos from the 60s and early 70s Paul and Christine would be very interested to hear from you. They will copy any photos and send them straight back. Here's the website

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