Here’s what the New Pres has to say

I would like to thank the members for the opportunity to be President of such a great club. After six years on the Committee it is a privilege and an honour to take on this role.

I would like to thank Les for all his hard work as the outgoing President. His ability to network and passion for racing has been truly recognised and appreciated by all members of the Club.

I will continue to work on getting the best deal and track time for our members at all the events we participate in. Although the Club is in a strong position, the biggest challenge over the next 18 months will be the cost of living. This will impact the decisions we all make as drivers when it comes to racing.

I am planning to start discussion with the presidents of the other states to encourage us all to work together to attend main events and grow the profile of racing at all major events. Our partnership with South Australia has been successful and I believe we can work with the other states to create big events to benefit everyone.

My other passion is to have an active role in keeping retired members involved in the Club. I want to ensure when members cease racing they can still play a vital role in the Club.

Thanks to the Committee for staying on for another year. Chris, Jim, Jervis, David, Dean, Ben and Rob. Your tireless contribution keeps the Club going strong. I wish to welcome Dom and Brett to the committee.

Chris Stern