Look who’s new for 22

Here’s a short introduction to two new HTCAV Committee members for the next year of racing and revelry. Both race highly competitive cars and will help energise the group with their expertise and enthusiasm. A huge welcome to them both and a good sign the HTCAV doesn’t yet suffer the malaise affecting many other Clubs – geriatrics riding the Club into an early sunset!

Brett Ferris: 
“I live with my partner Jen, and daughter Sienna. My involvement motorsport over the years has ranged from racing a Torana L34 in CCRA in the late 80s early 90s, to karting in the late 90s and onto building my current XU1 that you see today in Nc

From a career point of view, I have a Master’s Degree in Business Management and spent the past 15 years as a General Manager in Strategic Business, developing new businesses units and revenue streams for various organisations in the electrical and renewable energy industries.

Excited to be a part of what I believe to be an awesome category and club and looking forward to contributing as part of the Committee.”

Dom Leo:
“I reside on the Bellarine Peninsula with my wife Julie and two children, Arielle & Jared, and work in Geelong at Geelong BMW where I have been since moving from Shepparton seven years ago.

I have been a part of Historic Touring Cars for over 25 years, growing up supporting my father Tino Leo, whom you all know. He has been a member and racer in this category since 1988.

Competition in my own right started with a Cortina and then progressed into the various cars we have had over the time, Mustangs and the famous Monaro.

Now I now compete in the ex-Chris Stern Mustang Trans Am and we love our racing. I look forward to “giving a bit back” and help this great club prosper for many years to come.”

Fun facts

  • Our two new members were born only 15 days apart in 1970.
  • One newbie has the new President’s old car.
  • The new Vice President has the old President’s car.
  • The average of the Committee is 60 with the youngest 44 and oldest 77.
  • The combined age of 152 of the two oldest members is more than the total of the two new members and the new Veep.
  • Pension them off and the average age becomes 50 – better!

The new Boss and Vice Boss

It came as no surprise to current Vic president Chris Stern ascend unopposed to the top gig at the AGM in late June, and no surprise to see Ben Dahlstrom slip into the number two slot.

Since Chris came on board a few years back, he’s shaken the dust off the merchandising portfolio and made that a real profit centre for the Club, promoted a strong liaison with the Just Cars movers and shakers and other Club sponsors, got really hands-on in the paddock with the Club Truck and merchandising shop and the provision of loaves and fished for the multitude at more meetings than we can count. The new First Lady, Janine Stern has been by his side and many, if not all, of these endeavours.

In the last couple of years, Chris’s innate entrepreneurial skill has seen him become involved in promoting and enabling our participation at big race meetings, notably at The Bend, forging a very strong bond with the SA Club. It’s fair to say the SA Club was teetering a bit before the Vic impetus gave it a decent shot in the arm, now numbers and enthusiasm have grown much to everyone’s relief and delight. Anything you need to know about entering the Bend – and maybe even a support event at the Adelaide 500 (ssshhh!) Chris is your man.

Now Ben ain’t no organizational slouch neither – with Rob van Stokrom (who says “it was all Ben!”) he devised and put on this year’s belated 2021 Awards Night at the Phillip Island Historics, a move which brought accolades and cries of “best Awards Night ever!”.
A very active mind always has light bulb moments and we look forward to new concepts and strategies to come. Like Chris, he has his family right behind him – wife Kellie-jo, son Anders (who has his eye on the wheel of the Valiant) and super-salesperson Annika who currently holds a record for shifting merchandise at the Club Truck…

With two young guns at the helm, two more young guns coming on board and a bunch of mid-range old and older fogeys the Club’s in great shape.