Sprints at the Seaside

Geelong Revival

Sunday 29th November

Report by Chris Ralph

With the BMW falling by the wayside at Island Magic on the Saturday, your Editor sauntered on Sunday down to Geelong to visit the scene of last year’s minor Under 2000cc Group N victory.

It’s annoying that this event clashes with Island Magic as they both have their attractions, as one might tell from the accompanying photographs… It’s about as laid back as a motorsport event can be, or at least one with a serious competition involved.

Make no mistake, there’s a certain mount of skill and daring involved with cold tyres and a curved track. Perry Spiridis, who creamed the Over 2000cc group with a 12.1 sec run had a tank slapper on his second run in the Mustang and one tightens up trying to stop from that sort of speed on cold brakes. Colin Larsen in the Ford Falcon XY GT popped home in second with a 13.1, event sponsor and last year’s winner Nathan Gordon’s Torana third with a 13.4, and new competitor Barry Lyons in another XY GT fourth at 13.9. The father and son battle between Ian and Steve Watt went to junior’s EH at 15.21 over Dad’s Triumph 2000 at 15.26.

Under 2000cc saw Tom Kenworthy’s Mini take honours at 14.6025, narrowly shading Alan Smith’s Lotus Cortina at 14.6055 and Steve Weymouth-Wilson’s Mini at 15.2.

The track was slower this year with less track grip in the cooler weather. Last year the Smith Lotus was a close runner-up to the BM’s 13.9 secs so there was perhaps a good half second in it for many of the cars.

Sipping from a fine local beverage in the VIP area by the start (thank you, the Gordon family!) it was easy to see those who had spent more time facing the lights at intersections rather than race tracks. The bags of revs employed by many simply ate the time. The fastest times were set in the first few metres of launch, which is where the racers shone.

It’s a great fun event for those who want something different…